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5 Elements Coaching Wellness Center 

Mission: To provide a comprehensive range of health care services that are easily accessible, affordable, and easy to achieve while being all-inclusive with the use of Intuitive Eating and HAES tools.

Vision: To reach as many people in need of these services as possible, by using our knowledge and life experiences for healing and well-being. 

Healthy Food
Balancing Rocks
Nutrition + Coaching 
Lifestyle Support
Healing Food Relationships
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I am Linnette. I am a clinical Nutritionist and Coach for mental health. I am passionate about supporting adults with sobriety, depression, and anxiety, along with relieving fatigue, skin issues, and body aches & pains associated with mental health through healthy eating and developing a better relationship with food and body.


Throughout the years, my business has grown, but my focus has always remained consistent; helping and supporting people through body-positive weight-neutral restorative therapies. Hence, the creation of this Wellness Center has a means to provide accessible, affordable services to all. 

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“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”